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Are you finally ready to restore your wood deck? MCG has been serving West Chester and all of Chester County with deck restoration and refinishing services for years. Let us show you how to bring new life to this outdoor surface.

Coloring up Your Outdoor Living

MCG Painting can help restore or refinish your deck. Deck refinishing should be a regular part of your home maintenance, by doing so, your deck will look great, and deck repair will be minimal from year to year. The materials you use matter and because of that it is important to use high quality stain, paint and sealer to protect your deck. As rule of thumb, proper deck maintenance requires cleaning, washing, and staining your deck every one to two years.
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Protecting Your West Chester Deck from the Elements

While you may love the hot summers and the sun, your deck doesn’t. And the same goes for those icy, cold, wet winter months when snow and rain camp out on your deck for weeks, seeping into the wood. Maintaining the beauty and the overall appearance of your deck takes a dedicated gameplan and effort to keep it looking great for a long time. This is why West Chester homeowners have been using MCG for years to help with repairs to existing deck boards and railing, sanding/power washing, staining, painting, and sealing. If you believe your deck is in need of some attention in this area, reach out to us today and we’ll bring it back to life in no time.

Each Deck Has Its Own Uniqueness

Not all deck refinishing and re-staining projects are alike. Each customer has their own unique needs, and that’s where our team brings their expertise to the table. Many decks have different types of surfaces that need to be refinished, and not everyone’s space weathers and deteriorates at the same rate. Your deck might get hit with sun more than someone else’s, or perhaps only a section of your deck is exposed to the elements more than another. To add yet another layer of complexity, you may have an existing stain on your deck which needs to be completely removed. Whatever the scenario may be, our team of pros is determined to hone in on not just the most beautiful finish, but also the most cost-effective options. In the end, we’ll bring the wood back to life and allow you to deal with less maintenance down the road.
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Considerations For Deck Refinishing/Restaining in West Chester

MCG Painting in West Chester will provide premier deck restoration services, and we’ll do so without sacrificing quality or going over budget. Contact the MCG team today to review your various options.

Cleaning & Staining

If there are any remnants of an older existing stain, we must lightly sand it from the deck floor and railing cap/s. And let’s remember the entire deck needs a complete clean and power washing before any staining occurs. Our premier oil-based decking stains allow us to keep your deck from needing sanding in the future, which means less long term maintenance costs.


In most scenarios, if your deck has had any previous treatment (staining or painting), we’re going to need to sand it off completely before any refinishing work can be achieved. Sanding is a critical process that allows us to turn back time on the life of the wood, and the end result is added protection and longevity.


If your deck is currently peeling its old paint, with chipping and shards of paint pieces everywhere, we’ll perform a full tripping and sanding before we’re able to apply the staining. Many people have solid color decks that were previously painted, which will suffocate the wood underneath. We are the pros and restoring the wood to look brand new.

Long Term Maintenance

Deck maintenance is something you’ll have to be conscious of long term. The reality of the situation is that there isn’t a magic product that seals your deck forever, and you should always be cautious of any product that claims this. We estimate a power washing every 2-3 years and a new stain every 5-6 years.

Mike and his team were great to work with. They were always flexible, reliable, and courteous. The final color and protection are exactly what we wanted. To be completely honest, it is like we have a brand new deck! – Eric W.

West Chester's Deck Refinishing Experts

We welcome the opportunity to bring your deck back from the dead. Contact MCG Painting today at 610-960-0122 to touch base with one of our professionals.